Introducing Northwire BioCompatic USP Class VI Silicone Cable Alternative

Medical Grade
Chemical Resistant
Extreme Temperatures
Silicone Free
Cut Resistant
Crush Resistant

Benefits of Northwire BioCompatic USP Class VI Silicone Cable Alternative

  • Biocompatible and patient friendly: Free of pthalates, halogens and latex
  • Endures sterilization: Steam autoclave (500+ cycles at 134⁰C), Gamma, ETO and STERRAD
  • Broad scope of temperatures: Continuous operating temperature of -80⁰C to 105⁰C
  • Rugged: Superior resistance to chemicals, cuts, crush, and abrasions
  • Compliant to: USP Class VI, ISO 10993-5 & 10, ROHS3 and REACH
  • Flexible: Bends, torques and retracts for long life
  • Cost-effective alternative to silicone with faster lead times: No lengthy curing process
High performance, less cost & shorter lead time than silicone

Discover how Northwire BioCompatic USP Class VI silicone cable alternative delivers high performance for your demanding medical applications while saving you cost and reducing lead time.

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BioCompatic medical-grade Silicone Alternative
BioCompatic Whitepaper

You'll discover...

  • It's biocompatibility with compliance to USP Class VI, ISO 10993-5 & 10, ROHS3 and REACH
  • Why it's a cost-effective solution to silicon and increases your speed to market
  • How it withstands autoclave, sterilization and harsh chemicals
  • How it endures extreme environments with long life
  • Why it's torque-free retractability promotes ergonomic use
  • How it can increase your system reliability, user safety and bottom line

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BioCompatic Data Sheet

View side-by-side technical comparisons between Silicone, Medical-Grade TPE, and Northwire BioCompatic USP Class VI Silicone Cable Alternative.

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Applications for BioCompatic USP Class VI Silicone Cable Alternative

Handheld Surgical Devices

Low coefficient of friction – cable will not work against the surgeon’s hand

Dental Tools

Designed for patient and doctor comfort

Cosmetic Surgery

Custom options include tubing to supply, vacuum, or vent

Laparoscopic Surgery

Flexible cable to minimize surgeon's fatigue

Hearing Diagnostics

The soft and smooth material prevents 'snagging' on skin, clothing, and/or hair
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