Top 11 Reasons to Change Your Silicone Cable to Northwire BioCompatic

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February 08, 2016
Healthcare solutions

Custom cable engineering company Northwire Inc. in collaboration with precision cable connector leader LEMO introduce BioCompatic USP Class VI Silicone Cable Alternative for health care applications.

Engineered by Northwire, BioCompatic Silicone Cable Alternative is a cost-effective alternative to silicone with a shorter lead time since it eliminates the lengthy curing process. BioCompatic offers robust resistance to chemicals, cuts, and abrasion.

Top 11 Reasons to Change Your Silicone Cable to Northwire BioCompatic USP Class VI Silicone Cable Alternative

No. 11:  Northwire R&D Cable Engineers Develop a Smoother Solution 

Northwire R&D Cable Engineers release to the market BioCompatic silicone cable alternative. BioCompatic optimizes end-user experience by reducing cable tackiness and ensuring a smoother device for patient and practitioner interaction.

No. 10:  Achieving Optimal Biocompatibility in a Silicone Alternative 

Northwire R&D Engineers channeled the collective voices of valued customers and market demands to achieve optimal biocompatibility in a USP Class VI, ISO 10993-5, REACH and RoHS-compliant custom cable silicone alternative: BioCompatic. Phthalate and halogen free, Northwire BioCompatic material is ideally suited for life science applications, such as diagnostics, patient monitoring, surgical devices, and beyond. BioCompatic is flexible, durable, soft and smooth and passes a battery of tests including the studies of cytotoxicity, systemic toxicity, intracutaneous, muscle implantation, and more. 

No. 9:  Why Wait when You can get to Market Faster?

Silicone OEM lead times are typically 12 to 16 weeks! Adding to the lengthy lead time is the added cost associated with additional equipment needed for the curing catalyst process known as "parylene coating” that is applied to the outer-jacket of silicone wire products. This coating may be subject to reoccurring ‘recoating’ requirements.

Northwire BioCompatic Silicone Alternative lead times are considerably less than silicone OEM lead times because there is no curing process needed. This passes along cost-effective products and enables faster product launches. Northwire offers samples, rapid prototyping, and 3D printing to reduce time-to-market and support field-testing. 

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What you'll discover about this medical grade cable...

  • It's biocompatibility with compliance to USP Class VI, ISO 10993-5 & 10, RoHS3 and REACH
  • How it withstands autoclave, sterilization and harsh chemicals
  • How it endures extreme environments with long life
  • Why it's torque-free retractability promotes ergonomic use
  • How it can increase your system reliability, user safety and bottom line
  • Why it's a cost-effective solution to silicon and increases your speed to market

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No. 8:  Torque-ability and Retractability

The laws of physics dictate when two rotations are forced at the same time a new axis of rotation is created by the resistance. This “rotational motion” can change orientations and generate wobbling and headaches for the end-user. Think of a surgeon repetitively torqueing on a surgical medical device. Imagine the traditional silicone cable twisting until it resembles a tangled mess, leading to frustration and even interference with the operator. 

Northwire solves this legacy problem with the design and engineering of BioCompatic. It optimizes the torque-ability and retractability of cable capabilities so the end user employs repetitive motion without resistance – eliminating negative side effects. 

Another hallmark of BioCompatic is high-flex cable life which optimizes flexibility in a variety of motions including torsional, rolling, variable, bend, and continuous flex. 

No. 7:  Access to Diverse Markets

BioCompatic silicone alternative is ideally suited for extreme engineering applications in life sciences, industrial, energy, aerospace and defense. Northwire designs and manufactures BioCompatic to ensure our valued customers gain competitive advantage in the global economy.

Featuring signal, control, power, and instrumentation, BioCompatic is suitable for hybrid fiber optic applications as well. The thermoplastic material offers thermal stability. A conductor count of two or more, the AWG range is 36 – 2 (.0127-33.6 mm2). Cost-competitive cable types are available for wide range of stranding, outer diameter, fillers, shielding, armoring, wraps, and strength members. Custom colors, private labels, and anti-counterfeiting technology – ranging from overt to covert – protects valuable intellectual property and ensures 100% lot traceability everywhere in the world. 

No. 6:  Chemical Resistance

Operating in extreme conditions requires extreme cable testing. Northwire R&D Engineers submitted BioCompatic silicone alternative to a battery of tests including Chemical Resistance to the TOP Eight Hospital Disinfectants and Concentrate. Typical exposures do not exceed 10 minutes. Northwire R&D Engineers put BioCompatic to the challenge by immersing it for 24 hours to demonstrate its robust resistance against the following harsh chemical agents:

  • Betadine
  • Clorox Healthcare Bleach
  • Cidex OPA                  
  • Isopropyl Alcohol, IPA
  • Virex II 256  
  • Hydrochloric Acid, HCI
  • Metricide 30
  • EmPower                                            

No. 5:  Performance Enhanced Custom Cables

What happens to the traditional silicone cable when a 200-pound medical gurney rolls over it? Tests prove that it fails in less than 9,300 cycles. Meanwhile, performance-enhanced BioCompatic  silicone alternative exceeded over 90,400 cycles!

With superior crush resistance, Northwire BioCompatic silicone alternative custom cable solution boasts tear strength and resistance to chemicals, cut and abrasion, and endures temperatures: brittle point of -80⁰C and a high-temperature rating of 105⁰C.

Electrical, ergonomic, and environmental extremes present themselves in many forms, ranging from gurneys to mice and chemical resistance. 

No. 4:  Pathogen Proof

Sterilization refers to any process that removes nasty transmissible agents like bacteria, viruses, and more. Compared to the competition, Northwire BioCompatic silicone alternative retains about 100% of tensile strength and elongation when subject to over 500 steam autoclave cycles and demonstrates 50% longer color clarity over the leading brand of silicone cable alternative. Moreover, BioCompatic is ideally suited for Gamma and Ethylene Oxide (commonly known as ETO) and hydrogen peroxide sterilization cycles and demonstrates fungal resistance.

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View side-by-side technical comparisons between Silicone, Medical Grade TPE, and Northwire BioCompatic USP Class VI Medical Device Cable, a Silicone Alternative.

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No. 3:  Universal Languages

As with most complex subjects, communication is key, and especially profound in the gathering and dissemination of critical-to-quality requirements and Quality Management Systems. Northwire speaks the universal languages of Project Management, ISO and ASQ. Rely on a common tool set of professionally certified Project Managers, leveraging shared templates, formulas, processes and procedures to ensure requirements are translated into exact product specifications. 

With certifications in ISO 13485, ISO 9001 and AS9100 and compliance to ISO 17025, Northwire offers a comprehensive suite of quality proficiencies and complimentary contract engineering services, including test and development, R&D, NPD and more.

No. 2:  Northwire + LEMO = Strategic Supplier

The partnership between Northwire custom cable and wire manufacturer and LEMO, the originator of the Push-Pull Precision Connector, offers you a one-stop-shop suite of high-reliability cable and connector solutions.

LEMO’s world-wide footprint offers a local resource in 80 countries around the world. LEMO offers more than 100,000 combinations of solutions that continue to advance; its precision suite of medical connectors is manufactured by their subsidiary, REDEL. REDEL’s self-locking plastic circular connectors for medical applications include: REDEL® 1P series, SP02 connector, single-use and reusable connectors, ECG wire connector, IP68 connector and many others; all of which boast extensive autoclave capabilities. 

The winning combination of LEMO, REDEL, and Northwire allows you to centralize your custom cable, connector, and cable assembly. Engage in the healthy exercise of rationalizing your supply base with one strategic partner to design and manufacture innovative solutions for custom and standard cables, connectors, and cable assemblies. By identifying your critical needs and awarding your spending to a smaller number of strategic suppliers with the most to offer, you have removed a super-sized amount of complexity. Combined to complement market demands for vertically-integrated requirements, Northwire and LEMO offer wide depth and breadth of services and solutions.

No. 1: Lower Cost

Traditional silicone applications require a curing process which adds extra cost and a lengthy production lead time. Northwire BioCompatic silicone alternative eliminates this extra curing stage which reduces cost and lead time. Traditional silicone OEM lead time is 12 to 16 weeks and often requires an investment in inventory sitting on the shelf, tying up cash flow.  Relieve inventory demands and direct cash flow to better use by leveraging faster lead times from Northwire. Flex the power of your purchasing strength with Northwire and LEMO collectively, work with a leaner supply chain, realize cost avoidance, and start enjoying cost savings, increase productivity, and on-time delivery.

From achieving approvals to cost savings to vertically-integrated solutions from Northwire and LEMO, contact us today!

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