Extrudable PTFE

Northwire enhanced extrudable PTFE custom cable offers advanced material processing.

Unlike traditional, ram extruded PTFE, Northwire extrudable PTFE is well suited for high-volume production:

  • Will not suffer from length restrictions
  • Features the thinnest wall on the market
  • Offers a cost savings over original processing technology
Download Northwire extrudable PTFE data sheet

Compare Northwire extrudable PTFE to fluoropolymers. Download this data sheet and see how Northwire extrudable PTFE compares to commonly used fluoropolymers.

Download Data Sheet

Northwire's PTFE can be extruded with a thinner wall compared to other conductor materials
Extrudable PTFE is a great option for medical, military, aerospace, and industrial automation applications.
  • Clean room compatible
  • Withstands steam autoclave, H2O2, and ETO sterilization
  • Excellent resistance to hospital-grade chemicals and solvents
  • High-dielectric strength makes it possible to extrude a thin wall
  • No shrink back during high-temperature soldering
  • Low cold flow of 2.5% with minimal deformation at sub-zero temperatures

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