Northwire’s Value Added Services: Finishing Details and Supportive Services

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July 18, 2018
At every step of wire and cable manufacturing, Northwire pays close attention to details.

The Northwire TEAM of cable experts takes the wire manufacturer’s commitment to Concept to Completion seriously. At every step of wire and cable manufacturing, Northwire pays close attention to details and value added services that can improve efficiency, increase usability, and give customers peace of mind. This is evident in supportive services like packing programs and custom packaging.

“Northwire is really able to give a lot of benefit to our customers through value added services due to our size and position in the market,” noted Kevin Rector, Northwire Business Development Manager.

As a LEMO Group Company, Northwire can take on large projects, while still being small enough to meet special customer requests and unique requirements. "Whether it’s specific to material, or how the product is packaged, we’re always excited to help customers with the details that make their lives easier,” Rector added.

Within custom packaging and packing alone, Northwire offers:

  • Bar coding
  • Custom packaging
  • Barrel packer
  • Spiral wrap
  • Packing and stocking programs
  • Packaging to MIL-Spec cable requirements
  • RFID tagging

Make sure you get exactly what you need with Northwire’s value added services. In addition to packaging and packing, learn more about the cable manufacturer’s many custom options and distinctive capabilities.

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