Fourth of July “Sparks” Consideration of Weld Flash and Weld Slag

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Harsh Welding environment

June 28th, 2017 - 

Fireworks aren’t the only thing to ooh and aah about – especially when exploring the ability of Northwire’s cable and wire to withstand the effects of weld flash and weld slag!

While not commonly understood, weld flash is the flash of light that occurs in welding when the arch from the electrodes touch the metal. Weld slag, on the other hand, is the name for the metal bits and pieces that come off the metal during the welding process.

Weld flash and weld slag are important considerations in cable assembly design for applications in welding, spot welding, or stick welding environments such as industrial manufacturing floors and robotics and process automations.

When weld slag falls off during the welding process, cables and power cords within the welding environment must be tough enough to handle these falling hot chunks of metal. Quality cable materials and design prevent the cable from starting on fire, the melting of the cable jacket and exposure of the underlying shields or conductors, resulting electrical problems, and allow the  cable to be resilient and easily wiped off for cleanliness.

Northwire cables are specially engineered to handle weld flash and weld slag using materials that are designed to withstand this harsh environment. TPE’s (thermal plastic elastomer), TPU’s (thermal plastic urethane), and specially formulated PVC are utilized within NWI’s cable jacket to protect the integrity of the bale.