Power + Data in One High Flex Cable

Northwire is your ruggedized POWER + DATA interconnect solutions partner.


Need a rugged high flex life interconnect solution, ideal for harsh environments and demanding applications, such as welding? 

Northwire designs and manufacturers POWER with DATA in one slag-resistant, high flex life custom cable.

Our design engineers work with you to develop reliable interconnect solutions for your end applications. We'll help you select the right cable materials and components for high performance and long life. Contact Northwire today!

Partner with Northwire to design a high flex life POWER + DATA custom cable solution for your application.

Northwire ruggedized, high flex life POWER + DATA Custom Cable

Ideal for Welding applications!

High Performance
Slag Resistant
Low Temp Flexibility (-50C)
90C Rating
UV Resistant
Flame Rated
10 Million Flex
Cost Effective
High Flex Life

Tic-Toc Flex

The cable bends back and forth. One end may be stationary and the end in motion may be bending over a fixed object.

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High Flex Life

Torsional Flex

The cable twists around its axis. The torsional flex may also involve pulling or tension stressing on the cable, combined with bending and/ or rolling flexing.

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Harsh Welding environment
Power + Ethernet in One Ruggedized Cable


  • Isolated power and data performance
  • Tight electrical tolerances (ethernet)


  • XLPE / foamed XLPE / FEP (inners for data)
  • Slag-resistant TPE
    • High molecular structure
    • Custom TPE jacket
    • Foil and braided shield for best performance
Cable Design Consult
Northwire is your Ruggedized Custom Cable Solutions Partner
  • Experienced Cable Design Engineers partner with you to develop a reliable interconnect solution to your exact end application needs
  • Northwire Cables are 100% built in the USA at one of our manufacturing facilities
  • Cables are designed to meet the highest quality standards
  • Northwire offers the shortest custom cable lead times in the industry
  • Cost effective alternatives to CPE
Northwire featured on Manufacturing Marvels®

Manufacturing Marvels spotlights Northwire custom technical cable and wire manufacturing on the Fox Business Network®.

Watch this two-minute video featuring Northwire's custom cable manufacturing process: from inner conductor extrusion, cabling, braiding, jacketing, retractiles, and testing.

robotic welding
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