Retractile Coil Cords

Why Use a Retractile?

Numerous applications and unique environments can benefit from a retractile cord in place of a straight cable.
High flex-life applications
Tight spaces
Trip hazard concerns
Handheld tools
Aesthetic applications
Continuous adjustments
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Consider these 4 factors when designing a retractile


Will the cable be exposed to extreme temperature or any fluids to possibly include chemicals?

Retracted vs. Extension lengths

Northwire utilizes a 5:1 ratio. If a cable is 5 feet when retracted, it can extend up to 25 feet.

Tangent direction and length

Parallel (tangential) vs. drop (axial).

Overall diameter of the coil or coil O.D.

This will determine what size mandrel is utilized when baking in industrial sized ovens.
All You Need to Know about Retractile Cables

Unsure if a coil cord is best for your application? Watch this 10 minute video to get up to speed on all thing retractile. 

  • Common end applications
  • Materials best suited for retractiles
  • Learn what affects coil memory
Learn key features and benefits as well as custom options for retractiles
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  • ISO9001, ISO13485, AS9100
  • ISO17025 Qualified Test Facility
  • IPC-A-610 and 620
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