Northwire Ruggedized Control and Instrumentation Cable for Harsh Environments Meets CSA CIC and CIC-TC Agency Requirements

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July 16, 2018
Northwire ruggedized control and instrumentation cables meet CSA CIC and CIC-TC agency requirements

Northwire, Inc., a leading custom technical cable and assembly manufacturer and subsidiary of The LEMO Group, announces its ruggedized control and instrumentation cables meeting CSA CIC and CIC-TC agency requirements. These control and instrumentation cables are well suited for harsh environments such as oil refining and extracting, industrial automation, and variable frequency drives (VFDs).

Northwire Control Instrumentation Cable (CIC)

Available in 20-16 AWG, two plus conductors, an XLPE, PVC, or PVC/nylon insulation, and a TPE jacket. This ruggedized cable withstands extreme conditions including cold bend to -40 C, FT4 flame rating, Oil Res I and 1,000 hour Xenon Arc weathering to retain the CSA CIC listing.

Northwire Control Instrumentation Cable – Tray Cable (CIC-TC)

Construction of the Northwire Controle Instrumentation Cable - Try Cable includes gauge range options between 20-16, with two or more conductors, and an XLPE insulation with a TPE jacket.

To meet the CSA CIC-TC listing requirements, the overall cable must withstand a battery of abusive testing. These tests include a 1,000 lb. mechanical damage impact and 1,000 lb. mechanical damage crush test as well as 1,000 hour Xenon Arc weathering. In addition, this ruggedized data cable is designed to endure cold bend and cold impact to -40° C, FT4 flame rating, and Oil Res I.

Download the Northwire CSA CIC and CIC-TC Data Sheet
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