Northwire PUR, HFFR, LSZH, Cold Temp and Steadicam™ HD Cables Expand LEMO’s Field-Proven Broadcast Range

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February 23, 2016
SMPTE Cables

Northwire, a design engineering and custom cable manufacturer collaborates with LEMO, a precision cable connector market leader to expand field-proven broadcast solutions with a range of ruggedized fibre optic hybrid HDTV SMPTE camera cables. LEMO is well known in the high-tech broadcast marketplace with its suite of products including the SMPTE 3K.93C Series, media converters and Push-Pull connectors.

LEMO adds PUR (Polyurethane), HFFR (Halogen Free Flame Retardant cables), LSZH (Low Smoke Zero Halogen cables) cold/low temperature cable and Steadicam™ HD cable products to their offering.

Northwire SMPTE HD Cable

Earth-friendly interconnectivity solutions withstand extreme conditions.

  • Ruggedized SMPTE PUR LSZH Cold-Flex: Eco-friendly, Steel Strength HD Cable. Featuring advanced Low Smoke Zero Halogen and Halogen Free Flame Retardant jacket, this environmentally-friendly HD SMPTE certified cable also has HFFR inners. The stainless steel strength member meets the pull strength compressive specification and operates in extreme temperature ranges of -60°C to +80°C. 
  • Harsh Duty PUR LSZH Cold-Flex HD Cable: Eco-friendly, Aramid Fibre HD Cable. While ultra-flexible, this Northwire offering meets all of the same specifications as the SMPTE Harsh Environment Low Smoke Zero Halogen cable listed above, the aramid fiber that serves as the strength member does not allow the SMPTE name.
  • Flex-lite 6.8mm Steadicam™ HD Cable: Powerful, Featherweight HD Cable.  Steadicam™ technology was born in the 1970’s and Northwire’s progressive material selection and design reduces weight without compromising performance. Design optimized for Steadicam™ to recorder applications where cable lengths are limited to five meters.  


LEMO developed the 3K.93C Series connectors in the early stages of the introduction of HDTV in the 1990s, becoming the global standard for high-definition camera systems. It is one of the only connectors being used worldwide that complies fully with SMPTE, ARIB and EBU standards and is specified for many national and international broadcast companies.

Waterproof to IP68 rating, LEMO’s self-latching Push-Pull connectors can operate in extreme environments with temperatures ranging from -40° C to +80° C. The stainless steel 3K.93C cable connector can sustain 20,000 mating cycles, making it a very robust solution. The LEMO 3K.93C series is available in 11 different shell styles with applications ranging from studios to sports arenas, outside broadcast to concert halls and many others.


LEMO’s range of fibre media converters feature a wide selection of options, are lightweight, and portable, and are compatible with SD, HD, and a range of SMPTE standards, providing extra flexibility to broadcast operators and the challenges faced at events.

View data sheets and review the product benefits below:  

  • MEERKAT  triax to fibre converter encodes the camera’s triaxial signal and converts it for transmission using Northwire’s SMPTE 311 cable.
  • SERBAL features a four channel multiplexer for HD/SDI to fibre conversion also using SMPTE fibre cable. The 3G version is suitable for 4K transmission. 
  • SHACK coverts unit from SMPTE fibre cable to duplex single mode fibre, enabling the use of existing single mode fibre building infrastructure.
  • HD Z Link is a fibre camera back which changes a camcorder into a system camera that can be connected to SMPTE cable.

Engineered and manufactured for harsh-duty applications, Northwire hybrid cables are fully compatible with LEMO’s 3K.93C hybrid connector. Featuring signal, power, control and a low coefficient of friction to ensure the smoothest end-user experience, learn more about materials and construction of the SMPTE cables including braid and shielding, auxiliary and signal conductors, and fibres and strength members.

With a bend radius of 6x cable diameter, Northwire harsh-duty SMPTE and ARIB cable is built for optimal flexibility including torsional, rolling, variable, bend and continuous. 

Northwire SMPTE and ARIB ruggedized cable line extension benefit options in bold, the heavy-duty cable meets or exceeds the following standards:

Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH)
Low Temperature Rating -60°C High Temperature Rating 80°C Aramid Fibre Pull Strength Spec
Halogen Free Flame Retardant (HFFR)
Cold Bend Radius -60°C Stainless Steel Pull Strength Compressive Spec 6.8mm Steadicam™ Dimensions
UL 758 AWM and ANSI Impact Resistant Use in Wet Locations
CE Mark Approved Crush Resistant Wash-down Resistant
RoHS2 Compliant
REACH Compliant Cut and Oil Resistant VW-1 Flame Resistant


Joining their Maintenance Repair Operations equipped colleagues with fibre termination facilities within the LEMO Group in the United Kingdom, Germany, Benelux, Japan, China, Singapore, and the United States, Northwire achieved LEMO’s Certified SMPTE Cable Assembler requirements to build and repair SMPTE 311M fibre optic cable assemblies. With a suite of offerings of connectors, cable and media converters, LEMO and Northwire are your innovative solutions providers for a wide variety of cable assemblies:

Coaxial and Triaxial cable
PTFE and PUR Cable Special…Viton® Hybrid Cable Plastic Optical Fibre Cable Cat 5 | Cat 7 Cable
Audio and Video Cable
Silicone Cable Computer Cable Retractable Cable Miniature Cable Flat Cable
Silicone-Free Cable High Voltage Cable Fibre Optic Cable Base-station Cable


With almost 20 subsidiaries and close to 20 distributors easily accessible, the likelihood that LEMO is just around the corner is high – and odds are getting better. Impressively quick and ultra-convenient, The LEMO – Northwire European master distribution centre is fully operational. Strategically located at LEMO Connectors Benelux, the state-of-the art facility will serve all of LEMO’s European outlets in addition to their local marketplace – Netherlands and Belgium. Working collaboratively with you, LEMO will create a flexible supply chain designed specifically to meet your needs including special service arrangements for five day lead-times for the new LEMO-Northwire SMPTE and ARIB hybrid fibre cables.

Efficiently and effectively consolidate your supply base with LEMO and Northwire comprehensive broadcast solutions.