Severe Environment Cable Construction: High-Performance Shielding

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September 16, 2016
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As technology advances, accessing harsh environments leads to opportunities in arctic exploration, undersea research, offshore energy generation, and aerospace/defense machinery. Industrial facilities, factories, and hospitals benefit from innovative technology that makes these environments more effective with complex automation and fast-moving robotics. Whether dealing with interference from severe weather, electrical noise, or harsh environments, it is imperative to protect critical cable systems in these environments with advanced shielding that supports structural and signal integrity.

Wire and cable assemblies provide power, communication, tracking, control, and more to necessary systems. Continuous motion and environmental factors wear down cable sheathing and internal pieces, leading to dangerous situations that can cause downtime, costly damage, or even life-threatening injuries. Shielded cable has much longer lifetime in demanding applications, especially when the shielding is matched to the environmental factors.

Northwire Cable Engineering Experts understand the mechanical, environmental, ergonomic, and regulatory requirements of a wide range of exceptional applications.

Primary shield types include foil shield, box weave and basket weave braid shields, and spiral shields. Shielding materials can be made from aluminum, aluminized polyester, tin, copper, bronze, stainless steels, and other combinations of materials. Integrated wraps and tapes provide an additional layer of protection from moisture and chemicals.

Typically, a combination of shield types and materials are used to protect against certain factors. For example, if high signal integrity is needed, pairing a high-frequency noise-blocking foil with a low-frequency noise-blocking braid shield covers most types of interference. If high flexibility is required, a spiral shield may be used. Foils add lightweight protection to many cable assemblies.

Ask a knowledgeable Northwire Cable Expert about shielding ideal for:

  • Medical wire, medical cable assemblies, and other medical device components
  • MIL-SPEC wire, military cable assemblies, and aerospace cable
  • Shipboard and marine cables, or fully submersible underwater cables
  • Automation cables, wire used in autonomous vehicles, and UAV technology
  • Solar cable, electric vehicle charging cable, wind turbine tray cable, and other alternative energy cables
  • Industrial cables and instrumentation cables
  • Offshore cable or umbilical oil and gas cable
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