Robotic Animal Agility

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Imagine, you order a last-minute birthday present for your best friend with same day delivery. While waiting for the mailperson you see an autonomous vehicle makes it's way towards your house instead. Expecting to have to walk outside to receive your package from the vehicle a robotic dog jumps out of the truck, climbs onto the front porch, lifts a paw to ring the doorbell, and leaves the parcel at the foot of your door. This futuristic scenario may be closer than we think with the rise of ANYmal.

ANYmal walking into a burning building
Designed for extreme environments, for ANYmal smoke is not a problem as it can walk in the snow, through rubble or in water ©ANYbotics

Made from carbon fiber and aluminum this dog-like robot stands over three feet while weighing under thirty kilos. Don’t let its large stature fool you, this android wasn’t only designed to deliver forgotten birthday gifts. Configured to move autonomously through all types of terrain including rubble, sand or snow on a two-hour battery charge this robot has already begun to change the landscape of several industries including:

Offshore Drilling
Ability to inspect/repairs without human assistance
Able to 3-D map potential farm land while also testing soil levels
Search and Rescue
Safely located missing persons at 2x the speed of humans
Smoke and flame resistant
Starred on season 11, episode 7 of X-Files
Scan for possible unstable tunnels before human contact
ANYmal. A dog-like robot on an unmanned oil rig
Off-shore oil platforms, the first test fields and first application of ANYmal ©ANYbotics

Able to make inspection round multiple times a day on a four hour battery charge ANYmal is able to keep oil rigs completely functional without the need of human assistance for months. 

With such a wide range of industries investing in this futuristic technology the demand for high quality and reliable cabling has skyrocketed. So, it’s not surprising that ANYbotics the manufactures behind ANYmal would turn towards a world renown connector/cable manufacturers such as LEMO and Northwrie when searching for a fast, flexible, and durable wire.

Inside wires and connectors of ANYmal
LEMO connectors ready for any challenge ANYmal encounters ©ANYbotics ►

Designed to move around autonomously on all types of terrain, ANYmal requires ruggedized, sealed and extremely reliable interconnection solutions, which won't limit the robot's mobility. "LEMO was an obvious choice", says Peter Fankhauser. ANYbotics selected several connector models for all external connections. 

CONNECTED Magazine Spring 2019 Cover
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To ensure optimal reliability, long product life, and elevated safety, our Northwire application engineers will keep your end-product in mind when designing a custom cable to select the most appropriate materials and components able to withstand the demands of any environment. Here we design, manufacture, and test assemblies with optimal resistance to various factors such as:

  • Oil
  • UV
  • Flame
  • Chemical
  • Crush
  • Impact
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