Northwire Introduces an Alternative to Traditional PTFE

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April 04, 2019

Northwire, Inc., a leading custom technical cable design engineer and manufacturer releases an enhanced PTFE conductor insulation and cable jacket material. This alternative to traditional PTFE offers a thin wall that withstands extreme temperature environments.

Northwire Enhanced PTFE is well-suited for high-volume production without length restrictions and features the thinnest wall on the market. This advanced processing is more cost-effective over traditional, ram-extruded PTFE with length restrictions.

Northwire enhanced PTFE is a well-suited solution for a variety of applications that perform in harsh environments including  transportation, manufacturing, and healthcare.

Northwire Enhanced PTFE offers:

  • A high temperature rating up to 300°C
  • Compatible with steam autoclave, H2O2, and ETO sterilization techniques ideal for medical device applications
  • Does not release volatile components making it well-suited for clean room applications
  • A very low cold flow of 2.5% with minimal deformation at sub-zero temperatures. The transportation industry will benefit from this enhanced temperature range on both ends of the spectrum, from high heat engine compartments to frigid aerospace applications
  • A high dielectric strength is an asset to the transportation and healthcare industries
  • Extrude a thin wall which reduces the size and weight of the inner conductor wire and/or overall cable, a perfect option for applications where spatial constraints and weight is a concern
  • Conductors insulated with Northwire Enhanced PTFE will not shrink back when exposed to high heat - a common issue when working with other materials

Northwire Enhanced PTFE high temperature rating is handy at assembly during termination requiring high temperature soldering.

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