No Need to Check His Connectivity List Twice, Northwire Cable Always Performs Nice for Santa

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Santa Approved

December 8th, 2016 - As a field proven SME in production and worldwide distribution, Santa Claus relies heavily on Northwire’s full spectrum of wire and cable with LEMO connector integration. While a high demand time of year for many, none compare to the North Pole’s production needs. With state of the art factory automation, data, and network systems, SWS (Santa’s Work Shop) utilizes Northwire’s high performance line of industrial cables and retractable cords to exceed performance requirements for rugged cable applications.

“You have no idea how hard my job would be without Northwire’s Extreme Frigid Flex RIG™ arctic grade cable,” said Jingle, SWS’s CEO (Chief Elf Officer). NWI’s custom cable is specifically designed to maintain superior flexibility and long life within extreme arctic conditions and can be coiled (similar to my shoes) for retractile cable applications.”

With the North Pole’s diverse production needs, Northwire cable offers third-party agency certifications for a wide range of approvals and standards including (but not limited to) UL, CSA, MSHA, IEEE, CE, and RoHS2 and with candy cane and fruit cake production at record setting levels, SWS depends on NWI’s food grade and FDA approved cable materials.

In addition, those wishing for high performing medical wire and cable, aerospace cable, and hybrid cable for alternative energy and diverse applications, will find many value added services tucked under the Christmas tree as well including labeling, bar coding, custom cable packaging, and more. “In foggy conditions when visibility is compromised, I rely on Northwire’s color coding and custom cable printing services to support cable identification,” remarked Rudolph, a vision leader for Santa’s TEAM.

Boasting the largest global operation on record, Santa consistently utilizes Northwire and LEMO’s rapid response capabilities including the manufacturing companies’ European super warehouse. The European Distribution Center (EDC) is positioned strategically in the Netherlands to provide specialized inventory programs, fast delivery, customized cable services and support.

In addition to providing high quality cable systems across a wide expanse of applications (many of them life saving), Northwire employees consistently enrich the global and local community through service and giving. This year NWI elves are lending Santa a hand by doing a ‘Toys for Tots’ drive at the NWI Osceola facility.

“It just makes me jolly,” said Santa, “each time I connect with a Northwire cable engineering expert. They’re never naughty and always so nice. Get into the spirit and contact one of Northwire’s dedicated professionals