More Than Cable – Don’t Forget Northwire’s Value-Added Services

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August 29, 2016
Northwire's Value-Added Services

As a LEMO Group Company, one of Northwire's key customer service goals is streamlining processes and offering comprehensive solutions that save you time and money. In addition to acting as a one-stop-shop for customized cable assembly products, the Northwire TEAM is pleased to offer value-added services that ensure your cable assemblies are 100% ready to use in your most challenging applications.

A major way LEMO and Northwire help is with integrated cable and connectors. This aids in selection, installation, and maintenance while often affording cost savings by working with a central supplier.

Northwire cable engineering experts understand there are often more steps before a cable assembly is ready for installation and use. Northwire can help you find support for all of your needs at every step.

We can help you with:


  • RFID tags
  • Bar coding
  • UL/CSA tags
  • Custom shipping labels

Quality Engineering

  • Rigorous cable testing for extreme conditions
  • Samples to “try before you buy”
  • Program management
  • OEM and rapid prototyping


  • Respooling
  • Special packaging, lengths
  • Custom reel sizes
  • Packaging to mil-spec and other industry standards


  • Color coding, striping
  • Letter codes/numbers
  • Footage markers
  • Custom colors and printing


  • Pre-strip insulation
  • Terminate ends
  • Custom cut to length

Northwire is proud to be one of the few cable manufacturing companies that supports its customers from Concept to Completion. Whether you know exactly what you need, have an idea for an innovative new product, or need help navigating industry regulation, our contract manufacturing experts and SMEs are prepared to help.

Contact our Customer Care TEAM today to discuss your unique needs. We’ll pair you with the right individual for a smooth experience that helps you get your project completed seamlessly and quickly.

Ready to get started? Contact Northwire today!