LEMO and NWI’s Newly Launched European Distribution Centre Looks to the Future

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LEMO Building

September 12th, 2016 - When LEMO and Northwire launched their European Distribution Centre (EDC) in 2015, the manufacturing companies had high hopes for the facility. The goal of the project was to provide streamlined, efficient service to customers throughout the region, both in terms of physical products and customer service. In 2016, the EDC leverages its central location in the Netherlands to successfully support LEMO, its subsidiaries, and most importantly, its customers.

No one is happier than Niels Zonneveld, the managing director of LEMO Connectors Benelux in Belgium. Zonneveld was instrumental to the EDC’s planning and 2015 implementation throughout design, hiring and training, system implementation, and more.

“Today,” said Zonneveld in the most recent issue of CONNECTED Magazine, “every LEMO subsidiary located within EDC’s area of distribution can provide the same high-level logistical support to its customers, no matter what their size is.”

The EDC offers products and services including:

  • 1,300 types of LEMO connectors and cable assemblies

  • Northwire’s top selling wire and cable products

  • Inventory management systems

  • Labeling and tracking devices

  • Simplified customs procedures

  • Three day order delivery, with the possibility of same-day shipment

  • Rapid logistical support

  • And much more


The team, described as a “competent, dynamic little group with a strong team spirit,” is already looking toward the future. Fast delivery is a priority, especially as demand increases. Additionally, standard cable assembly services will be provided for small volume orders to further simplify customers’ processes.

Learn more about the EDC, or Northwire’s own NWI Express program for North America, by connecting with