Five Years of Synergy

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Five Years of Synergy

Northwire celebrates anniversary of becoming a LEMO Group Company

Five years ago, LEMO, a precision connector manufacturing group headquartered in Ecublens, Switzerland acquired the North American cable manufacturer Northwire, Inc. In 2014, CEO and President of LEMO, Alexandre Pesci explained that he was “convinced that by creating synergy between our two companies, we can grow and prosper side-by-side”, and that they did. Since then, their collaboration efforts have led to growth and innovation within each of the manufacturing companies who continue to deliver comprehensive solutions to their respective customers.

Synergy means a combination of LEMO’s 70+ years of connector design and manufacturing and Northwire’s 47+ years of cable design and manufacturing to partner with customers and provide them with:

  • Exceptional product quality
  • Unparalleled service excellence
  • Constant engineering innovation
  • Custom solutions tailored to customer’s applications
  • A long history of field-proven results in extreme engineering applications

One of the most recent examples of LEMO and Northwire’s partnership has been their design and creation of custom cable assemblies used in top of the line seating for heavy equipment manufacturers. By using LEMO’s connectors and Northwire’s cables, the customer was able to produce an affordable seat with active back massage to stimulate blood flow, automatic adjustment, and connectivity to mobile apps which led to less fatigue and better productivity for workers who are expected to remain seated for 7+ hours a day. Learn more about the solution in LEMO’s 12th edition of CONNECTED Magazine.

Another way that LEMO and Northwire grew together was with the opening of the European Distribution Center (EDC) in the Netherlands in 2016. The EDC offers assembly services and products including LEMO and Northwire’s best-selling connectors and cable products, labeling and tracking devices, simplified customer procedures, and optimized order fulfillment. In the fall of 2019, the LEMO and Northwire EDC will be moving to a brand-new, state-of-the-art facility. Take a look at the new facility with this virtual tour.

Northwire is looking forward to the next five years of collaboration with LEMO, and to continue to design and manufacture top quality custom cable, connectors, and complete interconnectivity solutions to customers around the world.