Custom Cable Value Added Services

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May 01, 2020

Custom Cable Value Added Services

Custom cable and cable assemblies are more than selecting the best materials and inner components for a specific end application. Cable Design Engineers understand that you may also need custom options for cable and/or conductor identification, packaging, assembly preparation, and more.


Retractile Coil Cords

Custom Cable Colors

Do you have a specific RAL or Pantone color that you are looking to match for on your customized cable? Northwire offers custom color matching to ensure your cable or cable assembly matches your overall brand aesthetic.

Another way that custom colors can be used are to differentiate inner conductors to make it easier to identify which conductor goes where during final assembly.


Printed Legends on Cable

There are a few different options to choose from when it comes to custom legends

  1. You can have a legend imprinted into the jacket of the cable.
  2. A legend can be printed with either an ink wheel or a spray.
  3. Some materials, like fluoropolymers, cannot be printed onto, so in those cases, you can get a custom tape with the legend of your choice printed onto it, which is then added to the cable underneath the jacket.


Cable Insulation Striping

As mentioned earlier, inner conductor colors can be specified to make it easier for the end assembler. If there are a lot of conductors in the cable design, it might make sense to add striping to the insulation as an added differentiator.

Cable Jacket Footage Markers

Literally a small marking that is applied at a pre-determined distance on the conductor insulation or overall cable jacket, footage markers might be utilized to identify where the cable needs to be cut for future assembly or perhaps for installation purposes.

Closeup of 5 cables with interior exposed on white background showing some of Northwire's custom cable solutions

Cut, Strip, and Prep

Cut and strip or cut, strip, and prep are a couple of value-added services that can help the assembler be more efficient.

Cable and Assembles Packaging

Another custom option for cable and assemblies is the packaging that it comes in! From labeling, to bags or boxes, and even custom reel sizes, make sure your custom solution is packaged the way you need it.

Northwire strives to be your solution provider when it comes to custom cable and wire needs that fit your specific end application. That of course extends past the cable itself to include other value added services. Whether you need a custom color match, a specific legend, cut and strip, or maybe special packaging, Northwire subject matter experts are available to design a fully customized solution for you.

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