Custom Cable Design Series: Shielding

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Are you looking to ruggedize your cable, so it can withstand a high flex application? Perhaps you're worried about high or low frequency noise? Aaron Albrecht, Electrical Engineer at Northwire, will break it down for you simply including the following:

  • Types of shielding
  • Benefits of each shielding technique
  • When to use a foil shield vs a braided shield
  • Which is best in high flex applications
  • Recommendations for terminating the shield to the connector

Rely on our Cable Designers’ decades of experience to partner with you and make the appropriate shielding recommendations for your end application. Whether you have a napkin sketch or fully identified specifications, we are here to guide you through every step of the process from concept to complete solution. Get in touch today by submitting a Quote Request or call +1 (715) 294-2121