Cable Assemblies Resistant to Impact, Cut, Crush, Oil, Chemical, Flame, UV, and More!

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May 15th, 2017 - Cable assemblies utilized within extreme settings seldom have just one challenge to overcome. NWI SME’s address variables associated with harsh environments and demanding applications by designing cables and assemblies with optimal resistance to various factors such as:


  • Oil
  • Chemical
  • Flame
  • UV
  • Cut
  • Crush
  • Impact


To ensure optimal reliability, long product life, and elevated safety, our application engineers will keep your end-product in mind when designing a custom cable to select the most appropriate materials and components such as strength members and breather tubes to withstand the demands of the environment.


Extra attention is needed when selecting a connector and proper termination to the cable as the connection can be a vulnerable part of the cable assembly. To accomplish this task, it is important for cable designers to understand the specifics of the environment of your end application including what the cable will be exposed to (types of chemicals or water for example), length of exposure, expected life cycle of the product, and any other details that may add stress to the cable assembly.