4 Benefits to Choosing a Custom Cable

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Consumers spend a lot of time during the holiday season comparing products and prices to find the best deals! Keep in mind that the lowest price, does not always equal the best deal. Cable engineering company Northwire, Inc. recognizes a common challenge that arises when selecting components for vital cable projects – the choice between cheap, off the shelf generic wire and cable vs. custom cable tailored to fit the exact needs of your end application. Although the low price of generic parts is initially appealing, NWI encourages purchasing professionals to leverage these four benefits of choosing a custom cable.

1. The Perfect Fit

Instead of trying to ‘make it work’ with off the shelf cable, which often times does not fulfill the specific requirements of a project, partner with a cable designer to ensure the cable solution fits your exact end application's needs. This process also helps to ensure that your cable is not ‘over’ designed for your application, which can lead to cost savings!

2. Long Term Savings

Generic components are tempting primarily due to an attractive initial low price. Companies eager to find savings must also consider long-term costs from ill-fitting cable, customer support, cost of quality, reputation and other factors. Made-to-order custom solutions are designed and manufactured with your unique end application in mind to require less upkeep and a lower total cost of ownership.

3. Subject Matter Expertise

When selecting a cable manufacturer, consider your need for technical support. Whether you have a napkin sketch or fully identified specifications, it is important to partner with a custom cable manufacturer with application engineers that can guide you through every step of the process from concept to complete solution.

4. Reliable Quality

Does your end application require compliance with a specific agency listing? Need help navigating these complex requirements? Northwire has warned customers before on the dangers of cheap cable assemblies that turn out to be counterfeit. Invest in products from an OEM that subjects their products to extensive third-party testing.

At Northwire, we know that cable can be an afterthought in a new product development project. If you are approaching your project deadline, you may be overwhelmed with complex cable specifications or agency approvals. Rather than trying to ‘make it work’ with something off the shelf, let us be an extension of your team and partner with you to ensure that you are getting a complete connectivity solution that will suit your project needs.

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