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The Weather Outside is Frightful, but NWI’s Frigid Flex Cable is Delightful

Conquer freezing temperatures with Northwire’s Extreme Frigid Flex RIG™ cable

Northwire’s Extreme Frigid Flex RIG cable

From polar vortexes and arctic blasts to icy roads and record lows, much of the United States is stuck shivering indoors this winter. The Wisconsin TEAM at …

Northwire’s Year in Review – TOP 11 Customer, Community & Company Highlights

Vertical-Integration with LEMO and Innovation Pave the Way for an Exciting 2015

2014 Year in Review

Full of new possibilities for end-to-end solutions, a global footprint and next generation design and materials, 2015 promises to be an exciting year. As Northwire creates their forward-looking opportunities …

Northwire Looks Forward to Continued Collaboration in its 43rd Year

NWI anticipates an exciting new year full of growth and innovation

Cable Supplier NWI's 43rd Anniversary

Happy New Year from the TEAM at Northwire! In addition to celebrating a new year with new possibilities, Northwire is celebrating its 43rd year of high quality wire …

Gain an Advantage with Northwire’s Newest Innovation: BioCompatic!

NWI’s original silicone alternative saves you time and money

Silicone Wire Alternative

Grow your bottom line, speed your time to market, and lengthen the lifetime of your critical tools with Northwire’s innovative new medical cable: BioCompatic. A USP Class …

LEMO Launches Second Edition of “CONNECTED”

Read about exceptional offerings and inspiring customer success stories!

CONNECTED features custom cable connection solutions

The second edition of LEMO’s CONNECTED magazine has arrived! LEMO, an international leader in custom cable connection solutions and parent company of Northwire and key partner, launched …