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The 10th Issue of LEMO’s CONNECTED Magazine Available for Download

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Northwire is proud to be a part of The LEMO Group, the acknowledged leader in the design and manufacture of precision custom connection and cable solutions. LEMO’s high quality Push-Pull connectors are found in a variety of challenging application environments …

Custom Cable Options: Tapes, Wraps, and Fillers

Learn the many functions and benefits of these cable components

Cable Tape

Does your cable need increased flex life? Will it need to perform in extreme temperatures? Worried about cross-talk? These concerns can be addressed with the addition of tapes, wraps, and fillers to your custom cable design. There are many different …

Broadcast Connectivity Solutions Featured in InBroadcast Magazine

New products and innovations on the horizon from LEMO included in the April issue

Broadcast cable

LEMO continues to offer the highest quality connection solutions to the broadcast market for outdoor harsh environments and in-studio or indoor use applications. Some of the most recent and notable include the 3K.93C hybrid electrical fiber optic self-latching connector, the …

Underwater Cable Considerations

Key factors that will influence your custom cable design to ensure fail-proof performance

Underwater Cable and Connectors

For cable systems, a choice of water-blocking conductors, tapes, and fillers work to not only prevent leaks, but to create a barrier in case of cut, abrasion, or severe damage. Unlike many cable assemblies, which use a jelly filler as …

LEMO Innovation Lab – Shaking Up the Robotics Industry With ROVENSO

LEMO connector solutions power ROVENSO’s robust, agile robot designed to perform in extreme environments for disaster relief

ROVéo Fire, a game changing tool for disaster relief

Together, ROVENSO and LEMO put together this video to introduce the new ROVéo Fire, a game changing tool for disaster relief. This robot is faster, more robust, and extremely agile all while being powered by LEMO solutions. Watch the video…