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Northwire “Moves into Spring” with New Health and Fitness Challenge

NWI Invests in its TEAM Members by Encouraging Activity and Healthy Habits

NWI Cable Supplier Moves into Spring!

Northwire’s TEAM members and their families are ready to “Move into Spring” with a new Health Focus Event by BALANCE. This fitness challenge will push individual …

Northwire’s DataCELL® J1939 | J1128 Cable Offers a Reliable, Rugged Solution for Sophisticated Data Network Systems

Gain environmental resilience, excellent dependability, and extreme performance with NWI CANbus cables

NWI heavy duty cable for rugged applications - EXTERNAL

From military trucks to agricultural equipment, be sure your vehicle bus communication systems are secure, powerful, and reliable. To help loyal customers and strategic partners ensure exceptional performance …

Want to spread your expertise in a signature ‘Learn @ Lunch’ event at NWI?

Present your capabilities to the NWI TEAM and generate leads

Northwire Cable's Learn @ Lunch - external

Innovation and continual improvement are key to the progress being made at Northwire cable engineering company. These principles have motivated our TEAM through 42+ years of …

Northwire Machine Vision Cable Assemblies Improve Performance While Saving Money

NWI Endurance MV offers your solution for high reliability vision and camera cable assemblies

Machine Vision Cable - External

Improve the reliability, integrity, and accuracy of your industrial vision systems and video assemblies with Northwire’s Machine Vision Cable. Your solution for signal, control and power, ...

Northwire’s Santa Teresa TEAM Supports Local Groups in Community Cleanup Effort

NWI NM enhances industrial park beyond ‘near shoring’ OEM partnerships


Northwire attributes much of its history of success to a strong sense of cooperation, both between TEAM members and with partners. From company-wide investments in professional and personal development to engagement …