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Custom Cable Assembly Series: Ruggedized Connectivity Solutions

Learn 3 components that help cables withstand extreme conditions

Rugged Cable Solutions

Special attention is given when designing and manufacturing components for harsh environments (i.e. aerospace/defense and the oil and gas industry). Every minute of downtime costs money, and equipment is often vulnerable in isolated, harsh conditions as well as complex and …


Learn the basics of Copper Stranding

Copper Wire

One of the most important parts of cable is the stranding. For many of us, this important piece of hardware is unclear and can be confusing. Let us break it down simply…

6 Tips to Become the MacGyver of EV Cables

Electric Vehicle Charging Cable

SAE J1772 connectors, UL 2594 and NEC 625 charging systems, EV versus EVJ cable types, VW-1 and FT2 flame ratings, and other specifications can leave many people scratching their heads in confusion. EV (Electric Vehicle) and charging cables can be …

Is it a bird? Is it a plane?

Custom cable for tethered drones

Tethered drones use a hardware tether (it is usually as thin as a headphone cord) from the ground to the drone, which offers many advantages that untethered drones do not have:
•Can stay in the air longer because of the …

Custom Cable Assembly Series

Conductivity Solutions: Strength Members

Custom Cable Strength Members

What they are: A strength member is the component of a cable with the function of adding support to preserve the cable integrity. Strength members add both function and protection to connectivity solutions. There are several options including steel, aramid …