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Custom-Configured ITC/PLTC Cable for Exposed Run Applications

Instrument and control wiring – for factory-floor automation equipment, material handling, sensors and transducers, process controls and other applications – is cost-effective using UL-listed* Northwire ITC/PLTC cable. Choose from six basic cable platforms with millions of possible custom-configured options.

Northwire ITC/PLTC Cable offers a variety of advantages including:

  • Low-cost installation – Takes advantage of the ITC/PLTC-exposed run amendment to the NEC. Learn more >
  • Versatility – Northwire ITC/PLTC cables are approved for Class 1, Div. 2 hazardous areas. Six product platforms offer a myriad of attributes to suit many applications and operating environments.
  • Designed for wet locations – No conduit means there’s no place to collect water.
  • Inherently smaller – Limited to 150 volts and 5 amp maximum current applications, the cable becomes inherently smaller and less expensive than traditional tray cable.
  • Connectivity – Suitable for modern low power sensors, instruments and other control components. Small size is also better suited for adding connectors.
  • Millions of possibilities – Six basic platforms with options for paired or triad instrumentation cable or non-paired control cable, with or without ground wires, shield options, conductor color options, insulation options and more.


Northwire ITC-GP cable is now available factory-direct from stock in 15 days.
Click here for available part numbers.

Millions of variations of Northwire ITC cables can be quickly configured, quoted and shipped in days.

Six Platforms to Build On

nw_itcGP.gif General Purpose – For lowest cost or if aluminum armor is required.
nw_itcGPer.gif General Purpose/Exposed Run – For lower installed cost indoors where exposed run rated cabling is desired.
nw_itcRS.gif Rugged Service – Tougher TPE-jacketed cable for difficult manufacturing environments, particularly in presence of weld flash and/or oil cutting fluids. Also well suited for abrasion resistance.
nw_itcRSer.gif Rugged Service/Exposed Run – A tougher TPE-jacketed cable with excellent abrasion and oil resistance.
nw_itcDBer.gif Direct Burial/Exposed Run – For use outdoors and in direct burial applications where maximum crush resistance is needed and exposed run can be used.
nw_itcEX.gif For extreme environments such as very low temperatures and where high cut resistance and/or oil resistance is needed.

*Northwire ITC cable is UL listed ITC per NEC article 727 and PLTC per NEC article 725, and AWM. Also CSA listed AWM I/II, A/B, FT-4; CSA recognized CMX-Outdoor-CMG.