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Cable Specifications

Type Part Number Construction
SAE J1939 General Specification
TF FJ1939182-001 18/2 Shielded w/ Bare Copper Drain Outside Shield
TF FJ1939182-005 18/2 Shielded w/ Tinned CopperDrain Inside Shield
TF FJ1939202-001 20/2 Shielded w/ Bare Copper Drain Outside Shield
CR FJ1939182-002 18/2 Shielded w/ Bare Copper Drain Outside Shield
CR FJ1939202-002 20/2 Shielded w/ Bare Copper Drain Outside Shield
 J1939product_sm.jpg j193920a.gif
Cable Type DataCELL J1939 CR
Part Number FJ1939202-002
Conductors 2+ Drain
No. of Pairs 1 Twisted Pair
Total No. of Connectors 3
AWG 20
Stranding 19x32
Conductor Material Bare Copper
Material Cellular Cross-linked Polyethylene
Nom. Wall Thickness 0.038" Nominal
Inner Conductor Diam. .113 ± 0.003"
Cable Construction  
Fillers Olefin Rods
Inner Conductor Colors Gn, Ye
Separator Al-Mylar Shield
Outer Shield  
Shield Material Al-Mylar-Al
Shield Type Foil
% Coverage 100%
Shield Drain Wire Drain Outside Shield
AWG 20
Stranding 19x32"
Conductor Material Bare Copper
Outer Jacket  
Material High-performance Elastomer
Color Black
Nom. Wall Thickness 0.030" Nominal
Overall Outer Diameter 0.305 ± 0.005"
  7.75 mm
Operating Temperature Range -40°C ... 125°C
Weight Per 1000 ft.  
Min. Installed Bending Radius Minimum 4 x Cable Diameter
Specific Line Delay Vp 75%
4.8 nS/M
Characteristic Impedance 120 Ohms @ 1MHz
Nom. Capacitance Conductor to Conductor 11.7 pF/Ft. Nominal
38.4 pF/M Nominal
Nom. Capacitance Conductor to Other Conductor and Shield 24.4 pF/Ft. Nominal
80 pF/M Nominal
Specific Conductor DC Resistance m Ohms/M @ 20° C 34.5
Specific Outer Shield DC Resistance m Ohms/M @ 20°C 30
Max Operating Voltage – UL 300

Applicable Standards and Agency Compliance

SAE J-1939/11
Environmental and Use  
Sunlight Resistance (Yes/No) No
Available Put-Ups Consult Factory
(State +/- Lengths)