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Technical Cable for SAE J-1939/11 Applications

Ruggedized CANbus Data Network Cable

Better By Design

Engineered to the exacting SAE J1939 specification, DataCELL® J1939 CANbus Data Network Cable delivers consistent, reliable performance for your sophisticated, ruggedized data network – at a competitive price. 

Featuring signal, control, instrumentation and power, Northwire SAE Cable’s dynamic range of use includes:

  • 20 AWG or 18 AWG, data pairs, power, video or control, and tinned copper stranding, drain wire, multiple shielding options available
  • Vehicle bus standard used for communication and diagnostics among vehicle components
  • Light and heavy duty, on and off-road trucks and trailers, construction and agricultural equipment and implements, marine and stationary applications like generator sets, MIL-Spec wire

DataCELL® J1939 cables are specifically designed to withstand the extreme conditions today’s equipment is subject to – such as oil, fluids, equipment vibration, and EMI/RFI interference. NWI’s proprietary DataCELL® technology means reliable copper cable performance with exceptional impedance consistency over the entire cable length – which increases the efficiency and safety of your equipment and provides dependability you can count on. 

Benefits of custom cable supplier Northwire’s field-proven technology include:

  • Designed to rigorous SAE J1939-11, SAE J1939/15 and SAE J1128 specification
  • Compliant to RoHS2 and REACH standards
  • Competitively priced
  • Provides dependability and consistency to your complex data networks
  • Features a jacket that makes pulling and stripping faster and easier

 View DataCELL® SAE Wire specification

Choose from two grades of SAE J1939 cable available from NWI cable manufacturer’s stock:

  • Type Tough, waterproof cable TPR jacket offering high environmental performance
  • Type Cut Resistant, special elastomer construction featuring unsurpassed cut and abrasion resistance plus outstanding oil resistance for the toughest applications


Part Number


TF FJ1939182-001 18/2 Shielded w/Bare Copper Drain Outside Shield
TF FJ1939182-005 18/2 Shielded w/Tinned Copper Drain Inside shield
TF FJ1939202-001 20/2 Shielded w/Bare Copper Drain Outside Shield
CR FJ1939182-002 18/2 Shielded w/Bare Copper Drain Outside Shield
CR FJ1939202-002 20/2 Shielded w/Bare Copper Drain Outside Shield