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Tough as Nails and Built to Last

CoilBoss™ Retractile Cords are built to significantly improve wiring life spans by controlling motion and distributing flex for tough applications. Made to exact specifications and guaranteed to perform, CoilBoss Retractile Cords are designed, built and shipped in 3 to 15 days with no minimums required for order length or quantity. Stock constructions are available on NorthwireDirect for online purchase.


CoilBoss Retractile Coiled Power Cords

  • Rugged, industrial, cut and chemical resistant design
  • 300V and 600V | UL-listed SEOW and SJEOW power cordage
  • 18-12 AWG | 2 to 5 conductors
  • Fast Delivery | Any quantity
  • Buy Now! Order retractile coil cords online from NorthwireDirect

CoilBoss Electronic | Retractile Control Cables

  • Custom-configured retractile coil cables
  • Expert design and material engineering assistance
  • Cable prototyping program | Guaranteed performance
  • Quick shipment | Any quantity

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