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Guaranteed to Perform.

Endurance Vision Cable Assemblies are designed and built to meet or exceed motion and vision system application requirements. Engineered with the industry’s first industrial-grade dual over-mold connectors, Endurance cable assemblies provide increased strength and enhanced performance.



Northwire Makes Endurance Visibly Better.


An Industry-First Design

Rugged connectors, combined with Northwire’s exclusive cable, are proven to exceed 10 million flex cycles, providing reliable connectivity. Cables employ Northwire TPE elastomer jacketing material, making them ideal for applications requiring:

  • Abrasion resistance
  • Flame retardance
  • High and low temperature stability (high temperature
    rating of 80ºC and low temperature of -50ºC)
  • Sunlight/UV resistance
  • Water resistance
  • Weld flash resistance

As a result, the cable assemblies will endure the most rugged industrial and outdoor uses. All are certified to be RoHS compliant.

Your Connection to Performance

Northwire Endurance connectors are internally shielded for greater durability. Screw-lock connectors use combination Phillips/slot screws—providing security against accidental disconnect—unlike thumbscrews. Low profile right angle connectors are configured for either “up” or “down” cable exit. And the rugged connector design features a unique rigid internal construction with a soft strain relief.

Passing the Flex Test

All Endurance cables are designed for high-flex life. Some have passed 20 million cycles on Northwire’s Standardized Flex Test Protocol (NSFTP), Mode A (tick-tock bending test) and Mode B (rolling/torsion flex).*

*For Northwire Standardized Flex Test Protocol, go to
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Select from Durable, High-Performance Products.

CCXC High-Grade, Industry-Standard Analog Camera Cable Assemblies

Northwire was the first company to produce a high-flex life CCXC cable.
  • Cables meet accepted industry standards for analog CCD cameras
  • Cable has surpassed 30 million flex cycles of NSFTP testing in both Mode A and Mode B*
  • Bulk cable and CCXC connectors available for customer assembly or finished product

MVC-800 FireWire™ IEEE 1394a and b Cable Assemblies

  • Meets or exceeds IEEE 1394a and b standards
  • Our standard FireWire™ cable is an extended-length/extended-life cable suitable for use
    up to 7 meters (23 feet) 1394b 800 Mbps
  • Rough-service, industrial-strength AWM-style cables are UL approved and CSA certified
  • Surpassed 11 million flex cycles in rigorous NSFTP Modes A and B testing*
  • Optimal shielding—100 percent coverage foil/polyester tape shield with two drain wires and
    an overall tinned copper braid

GEV -1000 Gigabit Ethernet Cable Assemblies

Northwire designed and manufactured the cable especially for industrial-duty GigE Vision® systems.
  • Screw-lock vertical and horizontal connectors available—screwdriver provided
  • Ring boot over connector to protect the locking tab and prevent snags when pulling through bundles or openings
  • Built for flexing applications. Exceeds 12 million flex cycles in NSFTP mode A testing*
  • Meets AIA standards for GigE Vision® cable assemblies
  • Dual-shield construction with a 100 percent foil and 65 percent TC braid shield

Camera Link® Cable Assemblies

Northwire was the first company to produce a high-flex life Camera Link® cable, designed specifically for vision systems.
  • Industrial grade for cameras and frame grabbers
  • Standard and PoCL® (Power over Camera Link) versions available
  • Assemblies meet both Appendixes D and E requirements of the Camera Link® specification
  • Passed 19 million cycles in NSFTP mode A testing*
  • Dual-shield construction with a 100 percent foil and 65 percent TC braid shield
*For Northwire Standardized Flex Test Protocol (NSFTP), go to
Mode A—Tick-Tock Bending Test
The cable is flexed 180° over nylon blocks that have a 3" (76.2 mm) radius. There is 1 lb. (0.454 kg) of weight hanging on the cable
as it is flexed at just under 30 cycles per minute.
Mode B—Rolling/Torsion Flex Test
The cable is pulled approximately 18" (457.2 mm) over a 3" (76.2 mm) radius wheel and twisted 360°. All of the twisting takes
place in the 18" (457.2 mm) between the grip and the wheel with a 9-lb. (4.082 kg) weight hanging on the cable as it is twisted.