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Entrepreneurial. Innovation. Teamwork.

about_us_nwi.jpgNorthwire cable engineering company fosters a collaborative environment where TEAM members are actively engaged and spark innovation, continually advance performance, improve fast delivery and customer service, and reduce costs. Our professionals have a keen sense of ownership in the direction and success of the company. Northwire invests heavily in our experts and wire engineers and supports their development by offering professional development opportunities including Six Sigma®, Project Management and Lean. As part of our corporate philosophy, we believe all in the organization must grow, have meaningful contributions, and be recognized for their work. We value the intangible and significant link between work fulfillment and employee creativity, productivity, morale, job satisfaction and commitment to customer service excellence and each other. 

TEAM Members developed the V.A.L.U.E.S. statement to reflect the organizations universal beliefs:

V – Vital partner to our CUSTOMERS and committed to offer the most comprehensive suite of services and Innovative Solutions

A –  Accountable to our CUSTOMERS to deliver unparalleled service excellence, fastest lead times, best in industry for on time shipping and high quality products

L – Lead with INTEGRITY, leverage industry EXPERTISE and PARTNERSHIPS to facilitate sustainable growth

U – United to achieve a HEALTHY balance to fortify FAMILY, COMMUNITY, ENVIRONMENT and CAREER


S – Solicit the Voice of the Customer to facilitate tactical and strategic ALIGNMENT

Northwire is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) with a global reach that has dedicated itself to designing and manufacturing best-in-class-quality wire and cable, connectors, and cable assembly products that meet critical needs and drive innovation.