Wired for Wellness: Looking to the Future

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Well Done

November 28th, 2016 - The Wired for Wellness (W4W) program has been one of Northwire’s most successful internal initiatives in 2016. The cable manufacturer made great strides in providing wellness education, raised thousands of dollars, supported TEAM members and their communities in health crises, brought awareness to diseases, and energized employees with record-breaking participation. With this foundation, the wire and cable company looks forward to 2017.

One of 2016’s achievements will have a significant impact on the next year. “One of our biggest Wellness Wins is related to our healthcare premiums for 2017,” noted W4W Committee Leader Krista Lindquist. “After initial negotiations, we were facing a 24% increase in our premiums for next year, but due to our focus on Health, Wellness, and Engagement this year our brokers were able to use the Wellness challenges, presentations, and other activities that we’ve done to negotiate a further reduction of 10%!”

“It is exciting to see that in less than a year, our renewed commitment to health and wellness has paid off by significantly reducing the inevitable healthcare premium increase. This is a big win for us because it really helps to prove our purpose and give us some credibility, which will hopefully lead to even more participation in 2017 as TEAM members witness the rewards!” Lindquist continued.

This accomplishment, and the others won in 2016, fuel engagement and excitement about upcoming program activities such as:


  • “Movember” fundraising for Men’s Health and Diabetes Awareness including facial hairstyle contest, pot luck fundraiser, and prize raffle
  • Year-End Wellness Incentive
  • Frosty TEAM Challenge (“Freeze your weight throughout the holiday season!”)
  • 2017 series of Wellness TEAM Challenges including a new “Paths to Positivity” Challenge
  • Continued involvement with community groups and off-site TEAM building events


The Wired for Wellness program aligns closely with the cable manufacturing company’s “United” section of its value statement, which highlights Northwire being “United to achieve a healthy balance to fortify family, community, environment, and career.”

Northwire is committed to TEAM health, community support, and exceptional wire and cable offerings. Learn more about how the cable experts at NWI balance personal health and community outreach with innovative wire manufacturing and personalized service excellence. Connect with us today to discuss your cable assembly needs