LEMO and Northwire Offer Expertise on Medical Cable Assemblies and Superbugs

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August 11th, 2016 - Building on their history of industry leadership, LEMO and Northwire are pleased to add their expertise to a recent issue of Connector+Cable Assembly Supplier’s publication. The manufacturing companies and their expert TEAM members weigh in on how cable assemblies and cable and connector components impact the fight on superbugs – mutated strains of bacteria that often evade traditional antibiotics.

The medical field is anything but static. As bacteria becomes more resistant and evolves, medical equipment must match that evolution with innovative new components and materials. For decades, silicone was the material of choice in medical devices and hospital equipment due to its ability to be sterilized repeatedly, among other benefits. Today, however, repeated sterilization is not as ideal as it once was with the rise of superbugs. The smallest amount of damage caused by sterilization – especially in the later part of the device’s lifecycle – can allow superbugs and other germs to pass between patients.

Theoretically, single-use device components would provide the “perfect” solution. Unfortunately, the cost and waste situation associated with single-use devices makes it unrealistic for many hospitals and healthcare facilities.

LEMO and NWI have joined forces to find a better solution that balances safety and innovation with practical measures that can reach a wide audience. In the August Connector+Cable Assembly Supplier issue, the connector and cable experts discuss limited-use medical device components made from a robust silicone alternative. Intentionally designed for limited use, silicone alternatives like BioCompatic and BioCompatic II provide flexibility, durability, and resistance to sterilization and hospital chemicals that rivals and often surpasses that of silicone. At the same time, it removes much of the end-of-life worry associated with silicone-coated medical cable assemblies. Cost-effective and easy for healthcare professionals to use, silicone alternatives are an excellent answer to superbugs and other industry concerns.

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