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Exposed Run Power Cordage

Power without Pipe

Reduce your installation costs with rugged EnduroFLEX ERP (Exposed-Run Power) tray cable by eliminating conduit. EnduroFLEX ERP complies with changes to NFPA 79-2002 which allows exposed runs of power trunk and drop cables on machinery when installed in compliance with applicable codes.

Dual Rating. Dual Versatility.

  • STOOW and TC-ER (tray cable exposed-run)
  • UL listed and UL 1277 recognized, 600V
  • Oil-, water- and sunlight-resistant – suitable for use outdoors
  • Passes -40°C cold bend test
  • Meets specific rush and impact tests required by UL 1277
  • Oil resistance I and II
  • Meets UL vertical tray and CSA FT-4 flame resistance
  • Custom colors, designs, private labeling and other variants available
  • Can be used with connectors to speed installation and enhance machine maintenance

NFPA79-2002 Quick Facts

  • NFPA79-2002, allows exposed runs of electrical power cable
  • The revised code allows tray cable (TC) with UL 1277 exposed-run (ER) rating exiting a cable tray and has no code defined distance limit between the cable tray and the equipment
  • Cabling may be used in power trunk/drop configurations as allowed by the NEC
  • Refer to NFPA 79-2002 section 240 for specific requirements
Northwire Part Number AWG/Conductors
FTC 83-001 8/3
FTC 84-001 8/4
FTC103-001 10/3
FTC104-001 10/4
FTC123-001 12/3
FTC124-001 12/4
FTC143-001 14/3
FTC144-001 14/4
FTC163-001 16/3
FTC164-001 16/4
FTC183-001 18/3
FTC184-001 18/4