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Northwire Custom Product Links

Field Proven Custom Cable Solutions for Your Tightest Timelines.

Northwire cable supplier designs, manufactures and sells factory-direct, multi-conductor electrical cable. One of our strengths is fast turnaround – our cable engineering company boasts the shortest lead times in the industry. With quotes in 24 hours or less and rapid design and cable prototyping, Northwire offers you the highest quality standards and unsurpassed customer care.

Discover your best choice for made-to-order and bulk cable for diverse applications:

  • Fastest industry lead times
  • Infinite cost-competitive custom solutions
  • 8,000 factory-direct product offerings
  • Multi-disciplinary engineering and Subject Matter Experts
  • Driven to deliver Critical-to-Quality Characteristics
  • No-risk cable prototyping
  • Free wire samples
  • No minimum order quantities or volume requirements
  • Guarantee that our product will meet your exact requirements

Contact Customer Care today to see how NWI’s wire engineers can design the extreme performance wire and cable, retractable cords, or cable assemblies and harnesses for your most challenging projects. Additionally, you can explore the following resources for more information: