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Variable Frequency Drive

Select from Custom and Composite Constructions
for Severe Duty VFD Applications.

Designed and manufactured to withstand harsh electrical and mechanical environments, our
custom engineered solutions meet or exceed VFD, UL and CSA standards and CE Mark approval.

Consistent electrical performance

Select from constructions that utilize materials
specifically designed to withstand the typical voltage
spikes that occur when power voltage peaks align
with standing wave peaks. PVC or semi-rigid PVC
alternative materials are better suited to control
electricals. Benefits of improved system
performance include:

  • Lower capacitance
  • Lower operating temperatures
  • Longer length cables
  • Consistent performance during spikes
  • Custom configured mechanical solutions

Select from high flex options, several
jacket materials, shielding and custom
composite constructions for optimal
mechanical performance.

Longer life, high flex options are
easier to install:

  • High strand count, material and construction
    options are available to increase flex life
    and durability

Choose from a variety of materials for
optimal oil and sunlight resistance,high
temperature and low temperature bend
and impact performance:

  • PVC
  • TPE
  • TPU

Robust shielding protects your data
in noisy environments:

  • Low resistance to ground offers strong
    protection against low frequency interference
  • Combine braided shielding and aluminized
    wraps for high optical coverage of 85%
    or better for optimal EMI/RFI coverage

Advantages of custom composite signal
and power constructions include:

  • Cost competitive
  • Easy installation
  • Several separate cables are configured
    into one smaller solution

Built to suit your VFD requirements,a variety of UL and CSA AWM approved listings are available:

UL 1277 Tray Cable
  • 600V | 2 or more conductors
  • 105°C
  • Exposed Run and Direct Burial options
  • Compliant to NEC® Article 336 and ANSI
UL 2277 Flexible Motor Supply Cable
and Wind Turbine Tray Cable
  • 1000V | 2 or more conductors
  • 90°C
  • Sunlight and Oil Resistant I or II options
UL 2250 Instrumentation Tray Cable
  • 150V | 2 or more conductors | 5 Amps
  • 105°C
  • Exposed Run and Direct Burial options
  • Compliant to NEC® Article 727
UL 13 Power-Limited Tray Cable
  • 300V | 2 or more conductors
  • Exposed Run and Direct Burial options
  • Compliant to NEC® Article 725