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Alternative Energy

Rugged, Reliable Solutions – Guaranteed to Perform.

NWI's Resilience™ technical line of energy cables provides a wide variety of reliable solutions for alternative power generation including wind, hydro, solar and other renewable energy applications.

Tomorrow’s Energy Requires Innovative Solutions Today

Wind Turbine Tray Cable
  • WTTC Rated 1000V Wind Power Cable
  • UL listed and approved for CE Mark
  • High-flex cables designed to handle torsional bend, heat, oil and vibration typically found in the nacelle
  • High-flex, low-voltage control cable for the nacelle of wind turbines
  • Rated for 20+ million flex cycles
  • Highly oil, chemical and abrasion resistant
  • Flexible power cord and cables for wind turbines
  • UL listed, CSA certified and approved for CE Mark - highly oil resistant
RIG300™ | Extreme Frigid Flex RIG™
  • Cable for offshore wind turbines
  • UL listed, CSA certified and approved CE Mark
  • THHN/THWN -25°C
  • UV rated, waterproof cable
  • Cable for offshore wind turbines
  • Low voltage Instrumentation Tray Cable and Power Limited Tray Cable
  • Exposed Run (ER) rated for use in wind turbines
Underwater Cable for Hydroelectric Applications
  • Resilience™ Hydro Cables for underwater power and control
  • Designed to withstand the effects of long-term submersion in freshwater, saltwater, fluids, chemicals, solvents and more
Cable for Solar and Solar Thermal Plants
    • Resilience™ Solar Power Cables are designed to withstand temperature extremes, outdoor / harsh weather environments, UV, water, oil, chemicals and more
    • UL listed, CSA certified and approved for CE Mark
    • Solar Panel Wiring | Solar Panel Wire Connectors
Electric Vehicle Charging Cable
Electric Vehicle Charging Cable
  • Straight or retractile car charger cords for electric and hybrid vehicles
  • UL listed; compatible with SAE J1772 connectors, UL 2594 and NEC® 625 car charging cable systems
  • Northwire EV Charging Cables are flexible, reliable, and built to last