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Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Cables

Compatible with UL 2594 Electric Vehicle Charging Systems.

An innovation leader, NWI offers EV Cable, a high-performance line of bulk cable, CoilBoss™ Retractile Cords and complete cable solutions for dependable power charging of electric and hybrid vehicles and other equipment.

NWI meets your cabling requirements with design services and prototyping, expert guidance to navigate automotive and EV standards, express delivery options and no minimum quantity or length requirements. NWI’s EV Cables are guaranteed to perform with unparalleled durability. They are engineered to withstand severe temperature extremes and harsh environments, including exposure to oil, chemicals, abrasion, crushing and more.



Backed by NWI’s expertise,
product quality and services,
EV Cables are built to last.

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  • UL 62 listed; compatible with SAE J1772 connectors,
    UL 2594 and NEC® 625 charging systems
  • Available in standard straight and retractile cable or
    custom configurations that include composite designs,
    colors, private labeling, enhanced environmental or
    electrical performance and more
  • Options include 600V EVE (TPE) and 600V EVT (PVC)
    cables from 18 to 2 AWG; and 300V EVJE (TPE) and
    300V EVJT (PVC) cables from 18 to 12 AWG
  • Standard jacket materials are exposed-run rated
    TPE or PVC employing PVC/nylon primaries
  • Cables may include hybrid data, signal and
    communication cable in any AWG size
  • Materials are RoHS2 compliant for EV charging
    stations in wet locations
  • Ideal for Electric Vehicles (EV), Neighborhood Electric
    Vehicles (NEV), Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV), Hybrid
    Vehicles, Low-Speed Vehicles (LSV), Personal Electric
    Vehicles (PEV), Plug-in Hybrid Vehicles (PHV) and
    Plug-in Hybrid electric Vehicles (PHEV)
  • Cables are compatible with charging applications
    at residences, commercial establishments, parking
    facilities or dedicated charging stations
For a complete solution—and the fastest delivery— turn to the innovative specialists with the technical expertise to give you the rugged cable performance you need. EV Cables from NWI offer the most reliable solutions available.