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The Original Push-Pull Connector

LEMO logo clipped transparent.png is the acknowledged leader in the design and manufacture of precision custom connection and cable solutions. LEMO's high quality push-pull connectors are integral to the success of challenging applications; engineering extremes and harsh environments including medical, industrial control, test and measurement, audio-video, and telecommunications require LEMO’s technically-advanced solutions and specialized services.

Building upon a foundation of six decades of field-proven, high-reliability cable connectors, LEMO offers over 75,000 combinations of breakthrough products that meet the most complex requirements. LEMO’s cutting edge, custom advancements are readily apparent at their subsidiaries COELVER, REDEL, and NORTHWIRE. Focused on meeting customers’ exact specifications, LEMO Group delivers a comprehensive suite of custom products and services to more than 100,000 valued customers in over 80 countries around the world.


Excellence and Quality

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The LEMO Group is fully committed to Management by Excellence and a Management System based on the ISO 9000 standards.


To be the acknowledged leader in the design and manufacture of precision custom connection solutions.

Mission Statement

The LEMO Group is a partner that anticipates and responds to its customer needs by supplying superior professional connection solutions, which exceed the users’ highest expectations.

Core Values

  • Uncompromising commitment to excellence and innovation
  • Encourage and invest in each employee to promote responsibility, personal growth and integrity.
  • Ensure open communication in a climate of mutual respect and confidence to promote a strong and common corporate culture.
  • Deliver to our customers’ products and services of the highest quality to win their respect and loyalty.

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In 2014, LEMO Group acquired cable manufacturer Northwire, Inc., for the purpose of better serving both companies' customers through fully integrated, comprehensive cable connector solutions.

The custom wire and cable, retractable cables, and cable assemblies from Northwire work seamlessly with the diverse selection of wire connectors produced by LEMO.

To learn more about the partnership between these contract engineering and manufacturing companies, read our press release or contact Customer Care.